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InMind Services, LLC Privacy Policy


InMind Services, LLC (“INMIND SERVICES”, “Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) respects your privacy, and this Privacy Policy was created in order to outline our commitment to protecting the privacy of our website users and users of any apps (“Website user(s)”, “you”, or “your”).


This Privacy Policy applies to, any other website(s) of INMIND SERVICES and any app(s) of the Company (collectively, the “Website”). This Privacy Policy explains what you can expect when using our Website and how INMIND SERVICES interacts with the Personal Information you provide through the Website. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Personal Information means information about you that you provide when using the Website, including but not limited to, your identity, payment information, and use of our Website.


What Personal Information INMIND SERVICES Collects


  1.  IP address and other information about how you use our Website, such as your language preferences and other user settings, the time spent on the Website and on what pages, data entered via webforms, and information to remember you when you visit again.
  2.  First and Last name, address, phone number, email address, age, birthdate and payment information.
  3.  For any applicants, First and Last name, address, phone number, email address, institution, graduation/completion date, and other application driven entries including, but not limited to, transcript, employment history, CV, resume and letters of recommendation.  


How INMIND SERVICES Collects Personal Information


  1.  Like most websites, when you visit our Website, INMIND SERVICES automatically collects your IP address and other information about how you use our Website. We use third-party service providers, such as Google Analytics and “cookies,” to help us with collecting and analyzing the Personal Information. To learn more about cookies and how to manage them, visit this site:;
  2.  Website users who visit our Website and register for a class, an event, session or group meetings or conferences and/or sign up to receive INMIND SERVICES e-communications voluntarily provide us with their contact information. We use third-party service providers such as but not limited to Google, Mailchimp and Gmail to help organize our contact information. At any time, you can “opt out” if you do not wish to receive our communications (physical or digital); and
  3.  INMIND SERVICES does not collect or store credit card information and only keeps the contact and other similar information provided by you. If you do not wish to provide this Personal Information over the Website, please see the other options that are available if any. When transmitting purchase information on our Website (if any), INMIND SERVICES’s third-party service providers use different encryption to protect Website users’ Personal Information.
  4.  Website users that are applying for a position or opportunity with the Company voluntarily provide Personal Information directly to the Company. Once this Personal Information is submitted, INMIND SERVICES has no obligation to the applicant to return any of the materials submitted, including those containing Personal Information.


How INMIND SERVICES Uses Your Information


We use the above Personal Information that we collect to:

  1.  monitor Website traffic to improve our Website and the services we provide to you, and to better understand Website users. For example, we monitor web traffic to see if certain pages need improving or updated or to make browsing between pages more convenient for example:
  2.  process or fulfill the request for which the information was provided, including communications incident to the request. For example, if you register for one of our events, sessions, or classes, we will communicate with you about that event or if you sign up for our e-communications we may send you materials about an upcoming event. If you would like to opt-out of our use of any of your Personal Information, you can do so by discontinuing your use of our services by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any of our emails; and
  3.  process or fulfill the request for which the information was provided, including communications incident to the request.
  4.  process and review applications for the position(s) for which any applicant is applying.


Third Parties


INMIND SERVICES only shares your Personal Information with the third-party service providers to help us process the requests for which the Personal Information was provided or otherwise use the Personal Information as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. These third-party service providers will use this Personal Information to process the requests that we make and to improve the services that they provide to us. These third-party service providers have their own privacy policies which control how they may use the Personal Information that you may provide to them through our Website or the third-party’s website.


Children and Privacy


Our Website is not structured, targeted, or intended to attract minors. INMIND SERVICES does not knowingly solicit information from minors or send them requests for their information. If you are a minor, you shall not proceed to the Website.


Linked Websites


Like many websites, our Website has links to other websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help INMIND SERVICES spread the word about INMIND SERVICES and its offerings. Our website may also contain links to websites of others, some of which may include materials such as scholarly articles, materials from supporters, materials from professionals and materials from collaborators. By clicking on one of these external links, you will be directed to another website that is not controlled by INMIND SERVICES or governed by this Privacy Policy. INMIND SERVICES is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of external websites. We encourage you to learn about the privacy policy of the websites you visit, and your use of any linked website is solely at your own risk.


Modifications; Terms and Conditions


By using our Website, you consent to this Privacy Policy. We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and encourage you to review it periodically. We maintain the option to modify this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time. Your continued use of this Website will be deemed to be your agreement to the changed terms that apply to your use after the effective date hereof. You can see if any changes apply to you by reviewing the date at the top of this Privacy Policy and comparing it to the last time you visited the Website. Your use of the Website is at your own risk.

Our Website may contain a significant amount of medical resources, counseling resources, research, and information. Those resources and information do not constitute, and is not, medical advice by INMIND SERVICES or any of its employees or agents, and INMIND SERVICES makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or efficacy of the content of the Website. INMIND SERVICES shall not be liable to any Website user for any damages that arise out of the inaccuracy of any information on the Website or any user’s use of the Website. No matter where the Website is being accessed from, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall apply when determining a user’s and/or INMIND SERVICES’ rights and responsibilities. The content of the Website, including but not limited to any publications and education materials, is protected by copyright laws. You shall consult a licensed medical professional, physician, psychologist, counselor and psychiatrist prior to visiting the Website and joining in any programmatic offering on the Website.




If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you may contact us at [email protected]