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Our mission is to positively impact children by supporting the adults in their lives with the knowledge and tools to respond to even the most challenging or confusing behaviors.

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Our Approach

We believe that even a basic understanding of the brain unlocks the door to knowing how to better support children. We collaborate with adults to help them recognize that behaviors are great clues that indicate where a child may be operating from in the brain. From there, we can choose responses that would be most supportive to the child, and understand how other responses may actually have a negative impact.

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While our primary goal is to support families, we recognize that there are multiple avenues to reach families


With family partnerships, we connect directly with your family to provide ongoing support. This support includes live or virtual observations and consultation sessions, as well as access to our library of short parent education videos.


With school partnerships, we offer professional development, coaching, parent and community engagement sessions, and faculty support.


Many organizations are looking for ways to better support their staff and/or the communities they serve. We partner with businesses, schools, and other organizations to develop a creative plan to support the families within their networks through unique training and consultive opportunities.

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